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Fuel Fund of Maryland Celebrates National Energy Month

Fuel Fund of Maryland Celebrates National Energy Month

2014_0622_gk_fuelfundmd133_300x0-is“Those individuals who do feel powerless are not informed because the reality is you have all the power and all the control,” says Leslie Broadway, certified Watt Watcher. Mr. Broadway once struggled with his household bills as he adjusted to becoming the sole provider of the family. To help ensure that the family did not reach such a crisis again, he completed a special program offered by the Fuel Fund of Maryland called Watt Watchers. Through the program, he learned how to be comfortable at home using simple energy saving habits without having to pay so much for his utility bills.

Everyone benefits from lowering their energy bills. When people take energy saving measures, they live more comfortably, they save money that can be used for other important items, and they contribute to a greener world for our children. As we celebrate Energy Awareness Month, we look at simple, low-cost energy saving habits that reap great benefits. Residents can improve their day to day lives by:

  • Setting your thermostat to 68° during winter
  • Placing your couch away from the win
  • dow to allow better air flow
  • Unplugging phone chargers and other devices when not in use…they use power
  • Keeping freezer full to allow optimum refrigeration efficiency
  • Replacing light bulbs with more energy efficient ones
  • Using a timer when taking showers…the shorter the shower, the less hot water is used (five minutes is a good suggested time)
  • Washing clothes in cooler water

“Our goal at the Fuel Fund of Maryland is to make sure everyone lives in a safe home, one that has heat and electricity. However, there are some residents, our neighbors, that don’t have this basic need met. By supporting National Energy Awareness Month, we want to provide critical, yet easy information to everyone on how best to conserve energy and be more efficient, perhaps allowing some families to sustain their own independence,” said Mary Ellen Vanni, Executive director for the Fuel Fund of Maryland.

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As a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Fuel Fund of Maryland, Inc. provides year-round home energy assistance to families in Central Maryland. The Fuel Fund serves vulnerable Marylanders in Baltimore City and Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Harford, Howard, Prince Georges, Montgomery and the Southern Tri-Counties. The target population is families and individuals in who live at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. A representative Fuel Fund family has an income under $13,000 for a family of three, or is a senior or individual with a disability living on a fixed income.

The Fuel Fund garners recognition year after year by receiving the Seal of Excellence from the Maryland Association of Nonprofits, which identifies nonprofit organizations that go above and beyond minimum legal requirements and hold the highest standards of ethics and accountability under the Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations’ Standards for Excellence code. A resource in energy conservation education, the Fuel Fund sponsors the Watt Watchers of Maryland™. For more information, visit the Web site at