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Impact Areas

Projects to anticipate what Maryland may be facing due to climate change.

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The Commission

Maryland’s Commission on Climate Change advises the Governor and General Assembly.

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Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan

Achieve a 25% reduction in Maryland’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.


  • Maryland on track to meet 2020 climate goal – Maryland is on pace to meet the greenhouse gas emissions reductions required under State law while benefiting from billions of dollars in economic growth, but continued progress will be needed to minimize the effects of climate change while continuing to create jobs, a new Maryland Department of the Environment report states.
  • Department of Environment improves regulatory climate for oyster-growing operations – The Maryland Department of the Environment is changing water discharge regulations to remove an unnecessary requirement for businesses, including some aquaculture operations.

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Governor's Office

Maryland Coastal Atlas

The Coastal Atlas is an online mapping and planning tool that allows state and local decision-makers to visually analyze and explore data for coastal and ocean planning activities.